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The Wallet App defines e-age. Having money literally at your fingertips and only a flick away makes life and convenient. Amongst these the mobile wallet, Symbyotic brings to you a mobile technology that resembles a real wallet. This mobile wallet would be a convenient solution for any business as it allows customers to purchase products and services with ease, and therefore drives sales. Symbyotic’s mobile wallet is just like a physical wallet and can hold credit and debit cards, rewards cards, medical records, and personal items.

Our Android Wallet App is like as a central repository for one’s coupons, digital gift certificates, travel details, tickets and boarding passes. Additionally this Android Wallet App is able to send location-based notifications to alert users. For example if you are near a movie theatre that you purchased a ticket for then you will receive an alert. Symbyotic’s Android Wallet App is revolutionizing the way you perceive the world!

With our digital wallet you can grab a meal, book a trip, see a show, and enjoy new experiences without even having to think about your wallet. Also, it is equally easy to start with a digital wallet as all you have to do is just add a card from a participating bank. With your digital wallet you are now ready to shop and also ready for rewards. You may even receive offers, discounts and reminders from your favourite merchants and never miss a chance. What’s more, you can keep checking all transactions, balance and other updates online.

Symbyotic has integrated mobile wallet apps for e-commerce. However, before moving ahead with mobile app development we understand that it is important to understand the users’ needs. We help you understand the user base and the digital payment app market. As there are different kinds of mobile wallets, such as; Online payment, Point of sale (PoS) payments and Peer-to-peer money transfer, you need to understand which one will fit your users’ purpose the best and once that is achieved we start the mobile app development process.

So, join the new era today and grab the opportunity to have your own customized mobile app.

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