iOS development company @symbyotic
Apple has just officially launched its new iOS, iOS 12 at its annual WWDC conference, the new OS will define the experience of 2018’s new iPhones, and also update current iPhones and iPads in late 2018.

iOS development company @symbyotic
Apple saved a major iOS overhaul — a redesigned look, reworked Photos app and rebuilt Siri for a later version of the software, focusing on stability and digital balance with a few additions. 
The most interesting one is Memoji, an Animoji (animated emoji) that you can create of yourself. Apple popularized a fringe feature that a rival could not.
Apple first hinted that they will be working on the performance level, apps will launch faster (around 40 %), and user can slide to take a photo faster than iOS 11.

iMessage: How to create Animoji
Animoji: Using the front-facing 3D camera users can create Animoji (animated emoji) of themselves in iOS 12 and can customize skin tone, hairstyles, facial features and accessories like sunglasses, caps etc. of that emoji.
iOS development company @symbyotic
Stick your tongue out: When user will stick out their tongue, their animoji will also do the same.
New effects into the messages camera: Users will see filters similar to Snapchat, stickers from your favorite sticker packs, and the ability to put custom memoji in a chat. 
Siri new shortcuts for day-to-day activities

Siri’s new shortcuts feature is introduced to provide the information and services throughout your day to day activity. e.g. Siri can remind you to turn off your ringer, if you go to a gym or movie. It’ll remind you to call your friends on her birthday, it will make sure that you will not forget your daily activities.

Now Siri will identify the repeat behavior which you will do on daily basis and it may prompt again to help you out. So, saying “book a restaurant table” can book your usual table based on your previous record. You may also see a button on lock screen that will do the same.

You can also create a voice shortcut to ask Siri to remind a task like “Find my keys,” “order my coffee,” and “gym time”. You can create as many shortcuts you need for yourself.

FaceTime with a gang of 32 friends

iOS development company @symbyotic
New Group FaceTime feature will allow you to make a conference call with up to 32 people (audio, video or both). You can switch from a group chat into a group FaceTime. You’ll see tiles or card of your friends and a schedule where you can see all the people in the chat. 
In FaceTime if someone speaks, their tile automatically animate and enlarges. You can also double-tap to bring someone front and center. FaceTime camera also have the packs of animoji and sticker.

Do not disturb and Screentime to reduce your phone addiction
Do not disturb during bedtime: If it sets in your device you will not be able to show any notifications that will disturb you. On turning this mode off all notifications starts coming. This is a new mode in new iOS 12 control center that you can use.
Screentime: User will get a detailed statistics of their phone and application usage in weekly reports like total spent hours in days or nights using maps and other chatting or utility apps, number of notifications from each app, and so on. 

App Limits: You can set a usage time for different apps, if you cross the set limit it will notify you by notification. Users can set it up for their kids to limit for individual apps, like movies and games.

Dismiss notifications in bulk
Users will now be able to dismiss their bunch of received notifications in one go. Notifications will now be grouped by app, topic, or thread — and you can swipe old notifications.

AR – the big change
iOS development company @symbyotic

Augmented reality is going to be a big change where many people will interact in the same AR experience using their own device.
3D graphics: Any of the 3D object user will drop into the real world like ball, pen etc. To make it easier for developers, Apple created a new file called USDZ, developed in collaboration with Pixar. 
ARKit 2.0: This second version of Apple’s AR for developers is all about making multiuser experiences in VR happen. ARKit 2.0 also improves face tracking.

Measure app: An application that will use the device camera to measure real-life objects . This is important for placing objects, like a new desk you want to check out, in AR apps.

These apps get a refresh
Voice memos

These all are the new features Apple has unveiled in their new iOS, but as per trend Apple loves saving iOS surprises for its developer review and for the iPhone release. We can expect to few more amazing feature by end of this year 2018.

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