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This the first step of our engagement. You can directly share your ideas, we are assuring it publicly that it is protected under standard NDA. We review your requirement as possible investors. Our experts will review it from different perspective, i.e. technical feasibility, competitors offering, is it solving some real problem? What are the possibilities of revenue models? What analytics need to be captured? We will be blunt and honest in sharing our review reports.We may get back to you with queries. Once we are clear on the requirement and solution we are offering, we will share you a quote which includes proposed engagement model for your requirement, required timelines and cost associated, delivery milestones and payment milestones



After our agreement on quote, we get into a development contract. On receipt of kickoff payment, we allocate a team consist of Project Manager, Business Analyst and Solution architect. They will do a concept workshop with you and define the MVP (if required). Wireframes and application architecture and project plan will be the output of this process. This is the most collaborative phase and we need to finalize on many things where we need client’s approvals. So, we request to plan your availability in advance and try to give quick feedbacks.



Prototyping is the next phase after concept design, here we put the real skin to application wireframes. This phase has different objective and advantages
1. Demonstrates the business processes being automated – Help to get the product validated by
subject matter experts and finance team
2. Demonstrate user interface design usability, accessibility, look and feel – Help to finalize the user experience
3. Proof of concept – Sometimes we need to be double sure on the how the product will come up or we need to validate the objective we want to achieve, in that case we develop function prototype of the core functionality only.
Clickable storyboard is the major output of this process.



This is the phase where the actual product start taking shape. Developers release testable interim builds with planned modules for review. Project manager shares the weekly status report and QA approved builds to client for review. This phase completes with final release to client for UAT. All the issues shared are fixed and applications are approved for deploying it for user.



This phase is one of the crucial phase and need customized planning for each application. The purpose of this phase is to make the application available for use. It is one of a very crucial phase which need optimization by experts. With the cloud services available like AWS, Google and Azure, you really need to be sure which services to be used and how they are configured so that it should give the desired performance and should have optimized billing as well. We have experts who will design the required components, plan as per your application and do the deployment.



Post go live, it should become a 24*7 system and we need constant monitoring of application being running with desired performance and functionality. As we start getting user data and transactional data, we need to do Database performance tuning as well. We need to have constant backup of application and data, to avoid any breakdown. All these activities are covered in the maintenance phase. We have different SLA for supports and we will recommend the best required for your application. We have packages where we will review user analytics and suggest upgrades for the application as well.

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