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Symbyotic’s household item app is essentially a home inventory application. With its efficient interface and easy navigation it helps you maintain a list of stuff you have. The inventory structure is designed in such a manner that it is based on real life. There are three types of belongings, i.e. properties, rooms and items located within. Container items, such as boxes, can contain many other items. The users can create lists of items, just the ones they could create on a piece of paper. All this possible with Symbyotic’s Household Inventory App.

Keep tabs on your items with Symbyotic’s household item app. Whether furniture, books, antiques or even wines Symbyotic’s household item app, takes care of all. You may even include attachments and photos as well as price records and purchase date.

Symbyotic’s Household Inventory App helps one organise the boxes in the attic or garage so that when you need an item you know exactly what is stored where. Once you have stored your items, you can effortlessly see which items are stored where from your phone!
If you ever need to file a claim, a home inventory makes things smoother because you will have your belongings properly documented. Symbyotic’s Household Inventory App will help you have your information organized quickly.

The data collected for your inventory of personal items can also be useful if you need to deduct damaged or stolen property on your income taxes or you need to track your total assets. Using your phone to take photos of belongings is easy, and Symbyotic’s Household Inventory App makes it even more easy to add information like serial numbers, descriptions and purchase amounts.
So give your users the complete freedom from pen and paper and availability to their lists on the go! Contact Symbyotic today for the most user friendly household item app!

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