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Highest Desire for humans,
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Adding intelligence to software systems is one of the highest desire of developer community as well as Enterprise. As per a recent survey, roughly “85% of customer interactions within an enterprise will be with software robots in five years’ time” and “87% of CEOs are looking to expand their AI workforce”

In an effort to drive increased labor efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver better customer/employee experiences enterprises are quickly introducing AI, machine learning, and natural language understanding as core elements of their digital transformation strategy in 2018.

Chatbots are one of the most widely accepted implementation of Artificial intelligence.
It is going to take over many segments of the business i.e.

  • Major HR Activities
  • Training Activities
  • Customer care

Platforms we SPECIALISE in

  • amaxzon lex
  • amazon polly
  • amazon
  • amazon
    machine learning
  • ibm watson

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