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Whenever we deal with data, we came across various scenarios and in different scenario we must come up with different solution tailored for that scenario. Blockchain is a solution to distributed databased in a secured environment. The beauty is any form is data can be stored and its public still secure.

Blockchains are not limited to cryptocurrency, there are numerous implementation. It’s the most revolutionary technology since internet. Our experts understand the technology involved, so they can very well analyze the right storage mechanism for your application

Symbyotic Blockchain Development Services

  • Collaborative Document Management and IP protection
  • Logistics and supply chain applications
  • International remittance and switch-based applications
  • Crowdfunding – ICO
  • Governance – Title registration
  • Identity Management– KYC
  • Trading – Stocks and currencies
  • Sharing economy – B2B and B2C applications

Platforms we SPECIALISE in

  • quorum
  • stellar
  • ethereum
  • Chain
  • solidity
  • go
  • javascript

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