where experience is
the only passion

We have set some work ethics, if these suits you, let’s get connected

Work as a partner

We want to sit on same side of table so that we should have same view of the product. We find the intersection between Users and Business interest and develop products for that intersection.

Quality not Quantity

We know longevity can be attained by Quality and we don’t want to say yes to every project which comes our way, we will only take up those where we are confident of adding value.

Deliver Experience

At the end what matter most is – the experience, and to deliver that you need to be adaptive to new technologies. Our team speed each day doing so by exploring and sharpening the latest tools and technologies.

Lean Teams

We don’t want to add an overhead of different roles and out technical team members play management roles at times to save on cost heads and unnecessary communication channels

Our History

We are a startup looking towards future, having a clear
understanding to succeed in symbiosis. We are here
to create one, let historian do their job.

our mission

Product high quality software from the
lesson learnt in our development experience
and keep upgrading it with new development
experience and keep upgrading it with new
technologies. Our mission is to be part of
many Software Application centric
success stories.

We are also happy to be your extended TEAM.

Our team members are classified as

Client Engagement

Who onboard the client by providing level one
consulting, and then work as clients attendant in their journey with us.

Creative team

Design graphics and define
planning application navigation,
transition of screens and finalizing
required information on each screen


Those who architects, develop
integrate and deploy the finalized
products of the project.

Business Analyst

A team of professionals who will shape up your ideas. The activities performed by them are requirement development, research, wireframing, go to market strategy and user testing



Those who manage Resource, Budget, Timescale, Scope, Risk and Quality of the project

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